Bulging Disc Treatments

Do you have a bulging disc? Did you get treatment but still have pain and post-bulging disc problems? At Vatra Spine and Sport we understand that sometimes adhesions form and can be the cause of your discomfort. You can call our office at 516-432-2100 to talk with us about getting an appointment to see if our treatment plans are right for you.

Bulging Disc Adhesion

Whether you have early stage or degenerative disc damage, you want a spine that can handle moving and sitting and everything else you throw at it. Adhesions in your back muscles may be slowing down your progress and advancing your disc problems. Adhesions are like a glue in your fascia that can make your muscles weaker and tight. These keep your body from moving freely, impinging on your mobility, and increasing your discomfort.

Using Soft Tissue Therapy for Bulging Disc Adhesion

At Vatra Spine and Sport, we focus on soft tissue therapies to rehabilitate the patient of their pain and injury. By focusing on manual adhesion release, instrument adhesion release, and exercise prescription, we are looking at long term relief, not short term.

By focusing on soft tissue treatments, we remove muscle adhesions as well as inflammation, allowing strength back into the area and decreasing the pressure. You’re able to move more freely and with less pain.

Soft tissue therapy, for bulging disc-related problems and other forms of impingement, has proven to be more effective and durable for our patients than with traditional high-velocity chiropractic adjustments. We feel that once you've seen the results, you'll understand why it's our top choice for your health.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to healthcare and how it differs from many chiropractic centers you may know about, we’re here to help. Call 516-432-2100 and talk with our staff at Vatra Spine and Sport. We’re here to help you live your best pain-free life.

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