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The Relationship between Chronic Pain and Muscle Adhesions

When we discuss the causes of chronic pain, there is one thing that doesn’t get enough attention. That is none other than muscle adhesion.

Muscle adhesions occur when you sustain injuries. As a result of those injuries, your muscles and the tissue bands supporting them may suffer damage. To be more specific, tears may form on your tissue bands and muscle fibers.

Bundles of collagen will eventually form on your damaged tissue bands and they will stick to stronger tissue bands located nearby. That process will eventually lead to the creation of scar tissue.

The formation of scar tissue inside your body is problematic because it compromises your flexibility and introduces tension. Excess scar tissue can even cause misalignments to emerge throughout your body.

You’ve probably guessed this already, but the introduction of more tension and misalignments is a real issue.

Treatments you’ve tried thus far may not have done much about your chronic pain because they’ve largely left those muscle adhesions untouched. You need someone who can do something about those issues so you can experience relief from chronic pain.

Remove those muscle adhesions and treat your chronic pain by working with Dr. Todd of Vatra Spine and Sport in Island Park, NY.

How Your Chiropractor Can Address the Chronic Pain Caused by Muscle Adhesions

Your chronic pain could be related to the muscle adhesions inside your body. So, what should you do now?

Consulting with a chiropractor is a good idea. Chiropractors can utilize different techniques to remove muscle adhesions. They can confirm that your chronic pain is related to that issue and administer the required fix for it.

Through manual adhesion release, a chiropractor can apply pressure to a specific part of your body and remove the muscle adhesion that is causing your chronic pain. Alternatively, some chiropractors also prefer to use instruments to release adhesions. Appropriately enough, that approach is known as instrument adhesion release.

Administering adhesion release successfully is not easy. Your chiropractor has to accurately identify the spot where the adhesion is and exert the appropriate amount of force to release it. Pulling that off requires a high level of skill as well as extensive experience.

Following treatment, your chiropractor can also give you a personalized exercise regimen so you can avoid muscle adhesions moving forward. Take up that exercise routine so you can make your muscles and tissue bands more resistant to adhesion.

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