Sports Medicine

Your accomplishments as an athlete are highly personal. No matter where you started from, your progress is something to take pride in; nobody else could have done the work for you. And when a sports injury is preventing you from continuing to be active the way you would like, it’s no surprise you feel devastated. At Vatra Spine and Sport in Island Park, most of our patients are athletes who haven’t gotten satisfactory results from generic physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. What sets our office apart is the individualized attention we give each of our patients. Just as no two people’s bodies or goals are exactly alike, neither are their injuries, which is why you need a practitioner of sports medicine who will take the time to understand the particulars of your injury and devise a treatment based on the needs of your program.

Vatra Spine and Sport provides treatments including adhesion release by instrument and by hand, as well as prescriptive exercises. Chiropractic offices provide spinal adjustments to relieve impingements on nerve roots, and most provide some form of soft tissue therapy. However, many people find that these treatments only provide temporary pain relief, and while that may be fine for a minor injury, it is of little help when a patient’s soft tissues have developed scars. Adhesion release means breaking up scar tissue, allowing a muscle, tendon, or ligament to stretch further. This will allow a patient to begin rebuilding their tissue’s strength and flexibility through targeted stretches, eventually restoring their full range of motion. Whereas other soft tissue therapies are focused on pumping blood in and out of a muscle, adhesion release removes the obstructions.

Adhesion release works when a sports medicine practitioner is attentive enough to a patient to be able to identify where to apply treatment. Our doctors are also longtime gym owners and can help a patient determine precisely what structure is weak and what needs to be strengthened. At our Island Park location, located conveniently near Long Beach, Oceanside, and Rockville Centre, we have provided successful treatment to professional athletes including Olympic medalists. Soft tissue scarring is common but rarely diagnosed correctly, which is why people who are accustomed to high intensity activity tend to become frustrated with generic interventions. Once an adhesion has been broken up, patients often experience noticeable improvement in their ability to engage in physical therapies that will allow them to sustainably recover and lower their risk of injury in the future.

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