Are You Frustrated With:

  • Pain that won’t go away
  • Treatments that don’t work 
  • Relying on medications to get through the day 
  • Cookie cutter treatments 
  • Feeling like a number 
  • Not knowing what your problem is.

Most of our patients have had pain for 6 months or longer and have seen three other providers before they find relief with us. The difference is that we provide you with a complete and accurate diagnosis and expert soft tissue treatment that will actually get you the long lasting pain relief you’ve been looking for.

Save Time

Treatment that works.

Treatment that removes the cause of your problem.

Feel and Move Younger

Treatment that gives you the freedom to move.

Feel younger with easier and pain less movement.

A Systematic Approach

Assessments that direct treatment.

Treatments that measurably improve function

A Doctor You Can Trust

You’re never a number at Vatra.

We treat our patients like family

The only thing worse than being in pain is getting treatments without results

Most of our patients have been in pain for over 6 months and have seen 3 other providers before they found relief with us.

  • Call to Make an Appointment
  • Come to Your Consultation
  • Get Evaluated
  • Receive World Class Treatment
  • Return to Your Pain-Free Life!

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