The Roadmap to Success


 we need to discuss your past and present conditions as well as review any imaging or other reports that you may have before we even think about treating you.  Unlike other doctor’s offices, we are selective in choosing those patients who are best suited for this therapy.  We only want clinical success.  If you are not a candidate for our treatment, we will refer you to someone who will get you there.


a doctor will take you through thorough movement, orthopedic, neurologic and functional exams.  Combining the measurable data from your consultation and your exam will establish your diagnosis.  We don't decide what your problem is, we discover it through examination and measurement.

Report of Findings

 we will explain our findings to you in plain terms.  We want you to understand your condition, your future outcomes and what you can do to aid in helping yourself heal as quickly as possible because an educated patient isn’t a patient for long.


  expert treatment results in excellent outcomes.  Hands on therapy is provided by your doctor and an assistant every visit to get your muscles and joints moving more freely and with less pain


we don’t guess, we measure everything, so we know and you know you are getting better every visit.  

Self reported outcomes report an average of 75% improvement after only 6 visits.

Independent and Pain Free Life

this is the result of following our road map

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