A testimonial is a referral, it's a person's way of telling you they are recommending you use the service for which they are providing testimony. Testimonials and referrals from our patients are the highest compliments our office could ever receive, we are grateful for every one of them.

At The Active Life we are fortunate to have patients who fly in to town from all over the world for their evaluation. Those patients get hands on work for as much time as they can while they are here before leaving to go home with instructions from our doctors. For that reason some of these testimonials are reflective of the distance work our doctors do as well as our local hands on work. Please enjoy.

After countless average experiences at run-of-the-mill chiropractors offices, I was hesitant to see if Active Life could even help me. I'm seriously glad I did.
Drs. Jeremy, Mike, and Mr. Pastuch have done a considerably well job at taking care of me. It's so much more than just chiropractic adjustments. Their comprehensive assessment got to the root cause of my lower back pain. The treatment includes specific soft tissue, rehab exercises, and adjustments when needed.
Bottom line: I'd recommend this to my family (two of my kids even visit them) and friends. Get yourself checked out and get yourself fixed!

Kris O. - Long Beach, NY

I've been making the 30 minute drive (past 7 other chiropractic offices mind you) since May 2015 and I could not be more satisfied! Drs. Jeremy, Mike, and Sean really care for their patients and it is wildly apparent. Visits are educational, inspirational, and effective! Most days, "The Three Muskateers" as they're affectionally called in the area, will use white boards to depict biomechanics, provide specific soft tissue work based on measurable exams, and gentle chiropractic manipulations.

Avigail S. - Cedarhurst, NY

It was by far the best medical experience I have had, and considering how many medical professionals I’ve seen because of my injuries, it was the first time that I felt 100% comfortable; it certainly wasn’t monotonous, cumbersome, or unsatisfying, and that is definitely something that will leave a lasting effect. Not only did I undoubtedly enjoy being there, but I also learned more than I anticipated I would, which I know I will take and apply in the future. Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy are more than terrific. You feel confident that they have your best interests in mind and that they care. Ultimately, being a crossfitter, it's all the more comforting knowing that they are in the business so they can personalize your recovery with your training. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least check to see what they're all about.

Steven C. - Union, NJ

“I came to The Active Life feeling beat up after my competitive season. After seeing him 1-2x a week regularly for the past two months, my body is feeling better than ever. He’s improved some nagging injuries, and addressed some of the underlying issues that have hindered my progress in the past. Among the best I’ve ever worked with! What’s even better and unique to The Active Life is that I’ve been able to maintain my results and even improve my ranges of motion and performance with remote Performance Care training. This is ideal for me due to the amount of traveling I do. I’m able to get thoughtful and smart programming designed to correct MY specific movement restrictions and strength balance discrepancies. It’s a game changer.”

- Drew Canavero - Reno, Nevada (Formerly Manhattan, NY)


“Due to severe arthritis, I’ve had two hip replacements. I found myself limping regularly and unable to climb stairs easily with my right leg. I was fearful that the first replacement had somehow gone bad. At 45 years old this was not the way I wanted to feel every day. Nearly six months later and I am thrilled to say I have not limped in weeks, am able to climb stairs with no problem, can step up on a box, and my leg is feeling the most “normal” it has in over 2 years. The progress has been amazing. I had nearly given up and thought I’d lead a life of limping and never feeling “right”…now I see a future of getting back to CrossFit. I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone with any issue sign up for an evaluation before you throw in the towel. These doctors listen and work with you to achieve your goals. I don’t know where I would be without them!!!”

Allison H. - Huntington, NY

“I have been working on treating a hip injury for four months with The Active Life. Today my orthopedist who originally wanted to operate told me that what I’ve been doing has been working and I do not need surgery! The team at The Active Life has given me more then I can ask for. I can walk and be there for my kids and husband and get through my days! I’m pretty close to no pain at all.”

Margo M. - Cedarhurst, NY

"I came to Active Life with old shitty tendons and connective tissue deterioration. My shoulders hurt whenever I would press. Dr. Sean and Dr. Jeremy have been a huge help, I would definitely recommend them, they are excellent."
Mike M. - Long Beach, NY

"I came to Active Life with back pain and knee pain when I worked out or played sports because of poor range of motion. I was referred by a friend and it was a great referral. The results speak for themselves. I feel better than I Have in years and I'm performing in ways I never thought I could"
Rick V. - Oceanside, NY

If you're tired of spinning your wheels, desperate for someone to demystify your condition and clarify your way out, do yourself a favor and connect with these fantastic doctors.
If it weren't for their constant referrals, their fantastic results would make them obsolete. It is their sincere goal to get you OUT and in action as effectively as possible.
What distinguishes them from every other two-trick pony you've seen is their comprehensive assessment. It seems obvious that a doctor would try to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS, but too often, doctors are wont to reduce your pain in hopes of keeping you in their office. Not so at The Active Life. Here, the docs are active people who sympathize with your wants and needs. They want you on your feet and independent. Most telling, if they don't think they can best help you, they'll work to find someone who they believe will.
At the very least, you will leave with more enlightening information about your state than you can imagine, often to your delight.
Don't waste another minute!

Lawrence G. - Long Beach, NY

REVOLUTIONARY! The care and attention to my individual needs is what separates this office from any other. Dr, Jeremy, Dr. Sean and Dr. Mike aren't just chiropractors. They are joint health and soft tissue specialists. They won't give you a bs answer. They will work to find the root of your issue and help you to pain free movement.

Rob M. - Long Beach, NY

I saw Dr Sean and Dr Jeremy months ago for sciatica in my right leg. The pain I was getting I think developed from sitting in my car driving long distances. Ever since seeing them, they told me what to do to help heal it and it has worked. I know, it will never get cured, but at least I know, what I have to do for the future. Now I am seeing them to help me with my range of motion for my shoulders and I saw Dr Jeremy already a few times and I am starting see improvement. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing pain or needs an experts advice see them and their wonderful staff.

Jordan W. - Oceanside, NY

I wish I had found Dr Sean and Active Life Chiropractic years ago. Since I have been under his care, my neck and spine problems have eased considerably. He has a very progressive approach that includes daily exercise in addition to chiropractic manipulation. His chiropractic work is very different from traditional back adjustment. As he explained what my problems are, he addresses why I have them and how he will help me overcome them. Go see Dr Sean for whatever your issues are, he'll find a solution.

Corey F. - Port Washington, NY

Why wait to get better when you can take advantage of the services Dr. Sean/Jeremy and crew provide to get you living the life you want to live in a much more speedy fashion? The Active Life provides the opportunity to be quickly diagnosed and put on a plan to get you back to moving and functioning at a high level. While a skeptic at first, I've become a strong advocate for the services offered here. After partially tearing my rotator cuff and coming down with tendinitis, I could not lift my arm past shoulder level, nor could I bring it across my body. After a few sessions of Active Release Treatment in combination with acupuncture (now offered here), I was able to regain much of my mobility as well as begin strengthening the injured area. While my physician recommended I limit any activity for 3 months, I was golfing within 3 weeks and surfing at 8. Furthermore, my physician did not tell me the best way to clear up tendinitis caused by calcium deposits was through ultrasound, but after reading the MRI, Dr. Sean and Jeremy both suggested I begin that in combination with the treatment algorithm they provided. If you're injured or have poor range of motion from previous injuries/lack of use, you won't regret adding the Active Life soft tissue work visits and acupuncture to your standard of care.

Brian G. - Huntington, NY

Could not be more appreciative of the Active Life doctors and staff. I started seeing Doctor Sean and Jeremy about a year and a half go due to severe hip and shoulder pain. Over the last year, my squat went from cringing hip pain no matter the squat angle to pain free squatting. Overhead and simple movements have also thankfully improved, and my strength is progressively improving and surpassing my pre injury. No matter what ailment I come to them with, they always have a game plan to help me heal and improve, and become even stronger than before. They are beyond compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and caring. I am very thankful for everyone at the office Karissa, Rachel, Doctors Sean, Jeremy, and Mike.

Tal H. - Whitestone, NY

Knowledgeable helpful staff. They have on multiple occasions found the root of my pain and have paved the road to recovery for me.

Lizzy S. - Oceanside, NY

Nothing but amazing things to say about both Dr Sean and Jeremy.
They have helped both myself and my athletes who I have referred to them battle back from injury as well as her prevent further injury.
Class acts and impressive wealth of knowledge.

Pat M. - Huntington, NY

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