How Do I Get Better As Fast As Possible

What You Can Do Outside of Treatment to Get Better Quicker:

 Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Rest

Patients often ask us "what can we do outside of the treatment room to expedite the healing process?".
The truth is, healing takes time.

Dialing in your nutrition, sleep and stress while resting the painful area will aid in the recovery process. This will create a healing environment for your body to lay down nice, healthy tissue before we start to load it again.  

To ensure healing as quickly as possible during your course of treatment here, it's beneficial to make the appropriate adjustments for your specific problem. That could include increasing your amount of protein intake to help build and repair damaged tissues, getting adequate, quality, uninterrupted sleep, about 7+ hours, and stress management. We work together as a team as I remove the adhesion and you manage your diet, sleep, stress and rest to make sure you're healing to your full potential. 

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