What is Adhesion?

The most common question we get while treating patients.


Adhesion is collagen build up in your muscles that acts like glue, making your muscles inflexible and weak. We end up putting more pressure on our joints and our discs and over time it causes them to degenerate and become more painful.

Think of it like plaque on your teeth. 
We know and accept that plaque on our teeth:

  • Grows slowly
  • Doesn't hurt in and of itself
  • Causes problems if not removed
  • Can be removed by a practitioner and requires periodic check ups 

So now you're wondering, well what causes this adhesion to grow? It can form in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Trauma: Accident, Fall, Surgery
  2. Prolonged Postures: Sitting or standing for long periods of time
  3. Repetitive Movements: Active population in the gym

We identify exactly where this is in your body and remove it. We remove it by using our hands, putting tension on the tissue while our assistant moves you through a range of motion breaking it down, we use the instrument for superficial surfaces, and currently we are using our acoustic wave unit to put soundwaves through your body and melt the adhesion away..

If you want a long term solution to chronic and recurring pain, you need to figure out what tissue was overloaded and why. That's what we do. That's why most of our patients have been in pain for 6 months or longer and have seen three other providers before they find success with us. 

If we improve range and quality of motion, decrease your symptoms, and feel your muscles soften during treatment, we know you have adhesion and we can help.

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