Our Philosophy

The days of the cookie cutter treatment plan are over.  The time has come to realize that the best treatment plan is one that addresses the specific needs of the patient in and efficient and time effective manner.  This is the goal of every treatment at Vatra Spine and Sport.

Your injury is unique and your treatment plan should be too.  That is why each patient participates in an individualized assessment followed by a plan customized to their needs.  No protocols, no basic handouts that everyone gets, no generalized timelines. 

Restoring range of motion with expert soft tissue manipulation is key to long term success and is unfortunately left unassessed and unaddressed by most practitioners.  This is why we see many patients who have “failed” treatment at other offices: they’re just not looking in the right place.

Once we’ve restored your joints to full function we must reinforce this new function with appropriate exercises with quantifiable goals to ensure that keep your symptoms away.  

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