Introducing the Acoustic Wave Unit: A key tool we use to wear adhesion down over time.

Outside of using our hands and our instrument to wear adhesion down gradually over time, we've been really excited to introduce the Acoustic Wave Unit into the practice over the last year. This is an established technology that's been around for 40 years, but we're using it in a new, innovative way

What we're doing is taking tissues and putting them on end range and as we slowly start to move the acoustic waves over the areas of adhesion, the adhesion melts away. You can feel and watch people restore their range of motion and health of their tissue in real time. 

We have a systematic approach to diagnose exactly what we need to work to most effectively get you out of pain for good. Using our Shockwave Unit, we're able to get damaged discs, tendons and cartilage to regrow and regenerate. Adding this machine into your personalized treatment plan not only targets tissues that we weren't previously able to reach with our hands and instrument, but also promote longevity. 

We're now able to treat patients at a cellular level, something that we've never been able to do before. Using shockwave therapy to "kill" or eliminate senescent cells allows our body to regrow new, healthy cells in that area. Once the acoustic waves are targeted at the damaged tissues, the soundwaves break up any unhealthy cells and adhesion, which is then flushed out through our lymphatic system.  

Next is where the magic happens. 

Our body sends a signal to regrow new, healthy, strong cells... thus making our tissues younger. 

Movement doesn't have to be painful. Ranges of motion don't have to be reduced. Our age is just a number... this is how we keep our bodies feeling younger and moving better than ever. 

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