Sitting: The Enemy Of A Healthy Back

Sitting with Low Back Pain: A Survival Guide.

We often see patients who experience back pain while sitting.
That may be at their job, in the car, traveling, or sitting for a meal...   Does this sound like you or someone you know?

We hope by sharing our expertise on low back pain we can help you or someone you know prevent back pain from limiting you throughout your life.

What Is Causing My Back Pain?
Whether or not you currently have back pain, sitting puts three times more pressure on our spine and discs than standing. Sitting for long periods of time weakens our discs, resulting in pain.

Prolonged sitting also causes adhesion in the muscles that run up and down the back. Adhesion weakens the muscles by limiting contraction of the muscle, decreasing endurance and flexibility. This results in stiffness and pain with movement.

We've had a lot of success finding and removing adhesion through treatment in our office, improving spinal health and decreasing the pain our patients experience while sitting.

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